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Been in an accident?

Being involved in an accident is stressful and can be extremely confusing and the same thing goes for the insurance claim process. It is important to know your rights and obligations when dealing with the other party, tow truck drivers and insurance representatives. Give us a call and we will get you a replacement rental vehicle and guide you through the claims process to ensure a timely comprehensive repair.


- You have an obligation to report an accident if the damage is over $1000. This can be done at the Collision Reporting Centre in Toronto (113 Toryork Dr or 39 Howden Rd) or at the local police station in Peel Region.

- You do not need to get your car towed if it is drivable.  Tow truck drivers need your authorization to tow the vehicle and it is up to you where the vehicle is to be towed. If the vehicle must be towed it is a good idea to get the car towed to a parking lot or private property and call your preferred body shop to arrange for towing.

- Tow truck drivers want to maximize their tow bill and are paid referral fees by body shops. Excessive towing charges may not be covered by your insurance and shops may not allow you to move your vehicle to another shop until towing and storage charges are paid in full.


- Do not sign any work order or authorization to repair unless you are certain that you want your vehicle fixed at that shop.

- Be wary of tow truck drivers and shops who offer to 'cover the deductible'. This as well as referral fees to tow trucks are usually 'covered' by using inferior/refurbished parts and other shady cost saving techniques.

- Be equally wary of insurance 'Insurance Preferred Shops'. Frequently representatives will tell you to have the vehicle repaired at one of their 'preferred shops'. These shops are on contract with the insurance and in return for the insurance companies referral, they are paid lower hourly labour rates and agree to complete the repairs with less expensive and poorly built after market or used parts. An independent and reputable shop will fight to ensure a complete and quality repair for their customer.

- It is important to ask for a copy of the estimate for repairs as well as invoices for parts. Customers should ask the shop to keep all of the old parts that were replaced. OEM parts from the manufacturer are recommended but if aftermarket parts are used ensure they are CAPA certified or Platinum Plus.

At Mega Auto Collision we strive to ensure a comprehensive and timely repair. We handle all aspects of the vehicle repair claim and advocate on our customer's behalf to ensure the highest quality parts and materials are used to restore vehicles to their pre-accident condition. All of our work comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in the materials or workmanship.


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